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Xiaomi M365 stem clearance part

CHF 5.0
Small piece of rubber that will allow you to partially remove the play that you have in your stem, on

E-Twow Front Battery Cover

CHF 19.0
Front battery cover for Booster Plus

E-Twow LED headlight cover

CHF 19.0
Cover for E-Twow LED headlights

E-Twow rear battery cover

CHF 12.0
Rear battery cover for all E-Twow products

Charger cover

CHF 5.0
Protective cover for charger.

Wide cover for E-twow motor cable

CHF 10.0
Wide motor cable cover for E-Twow.

Cover for display E-Twow

CHF 29.0 CHF 20.0
Cover for display for all E-Twow products.