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Battery 33 V/ 10.5Ah E-twow Booster S2 (on order)

CHF 529.0 CHF 499.0
Original battery 33 volts/ 10.5 Amp/h Range: 35km Speed: 25-30 kmh charging time : 3h30 The advance battery recycling tax is

Battery 33 volts/ 6.5AH Samsung E-twow Booster and Booster Plus (2016-17)

CHF 429.0 CHF 349.0
Original battery 33 volts/ 6.5 Amp/h charging time: 2h30 The advance battery recycling tax is included in the purchase price

Battery 36 volts/ 10.5Ah E-twow Booster+, S, S+, V

CHF 490.0
Battery 36 volts/ 10.5 Amp/h SAMSUNG cells Range: 35km Speed: 30-35 kmh charging time: 5h with 3.5A charger The advance

Battery 36 volts/ 14AH E-twow Samsung Cells

CHF 649.0
Battery 36 volts/ 14 Amp/h for BOOSTER + ONLY Range: 35-50km (cost of speed) Speed: 30-45 kmh charging time: 5h

Battery 36V/ 8,7AH E-twow Booster S+ 2019

CHF 429.0
Battery 36 volts/ 8.7 Ah SAMSUNG cells Range: 30km Speed: 30-35 kmh charging time: 2h30 with 3.5A charger The advance

33v charger for E-Twow Booster (S2 / Plus)

CHF 89.0
charger 37,4 volts for E-Twow Booster 33 volts (booster s2, booster plus)

36v charger for E-Twow Booster S/S+/V

CHF 99.0
Charger 41,5 volts for E-Twow Booster 36 volts (Super Booster S2, Booster S, S+, V)

Generic charger for Ninebot ES

CHF 49.0 CHF 39.0
Charger 41.5v for Ninebot ES.

48v Charger for E-Twow Booster GT

CHF 110.0
Charger 48v/3ah for Booster GT