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Brake block for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 35.0
Brake block for Xiaomi M365 and the Pro version .

Large Black/Red Mudguard Support – 8.5 /10 Inch

CHF 19.0
Reinforce the mudguards against vibrations.

Plastic part for Xiaomi M365 stem

CHF 12.0
If you have broken, deformed or lost the plastic part, this original part will replace it. It is used to

Brake lever with or without the cable for E-Twow GT+

CHF 20.0CHF 32.0
Brake lever with or without the cable for E-Twow GT+

Drum brake for E-Twow GT+

CHF 29.0
Drum brake for E-Twow GT+.

Handlebar set – Xiaomi M365

CHF 12.0CHF 24.0
Handlebar set for Xiaomi M365.

Soft rubber rear wheel for E-Twow GT+

CHF 80.0
Soft rubber rear wheel E-Twow GT+ with drum brake Dimensions : 20.2 cm x  2,54 cm ou 8.2″ x 1.8″

E-Twow Booster GT / GT + Controller

CHF 139.0CHF 151.0
Controller for E-TWOW BOOSTER GT 48V electric scooter!

Footpads for OneWheel Pint

CHF 109.0
A new pair of footpads is needed, no problem, we’ve got you covered so you can ride as hard as

OneWheel XR Carbon Fiber Fender

CHF 190.0
Pimp your Onewheel with the King of the Fenders! The XR Carbon Fiber Fender offers absolute protection to your wheel.

Pair of hulls for InMotion V10 / V10F

CHF 99.0
The pair of InMotion V10 / V10F gyro hulls Possible change in the workshop!