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Footpads for OneWheel Pint

CHF 109.0
A new pair of footpads is needed, no problem, we’ve got you covered so you can ride as hard as

Onewheel trucker hat

CHF 29.0
The official Onewheel Trucker Hat! To perfect your riding style, from head to toe. Have class on your Onewheel! Californian

OneWheel XR Carbon Fiber Fender

CHF 190.0
Pimp your Onewheel with the King of the Fenders! The XR Carbon Fiber Fender offers absolute protection to your wheel.

Pint Fender Delete

CHF 49.0
Do you like to ride without a fender when conditions are optimal and want your Onewheel Pint to look like

RACER heated gloves batteries

CHF 49.9
Tissu extérieur: Softshell
Paume: Clarino
Isolation: Fiberfill
Waterproof: POLYMAX®

Onewheel “O” Hoodie

CHF 69.0
A perfect blend of 8 oz. French Terry cloth, this hoodie is light enough to be a casual layer, but

Maghandle PRO OneWheel PINT

CHF 90.0
Catch your Onewheel with your Maghandle Pro! The Maghandle Pro is a retractable metal handle that allows you to take

Beanie “O” OneWheel

CHF 29.0
Careful with this beanie folks! Once it’s on, it’s never coming off. Snug, warm, and embroidered with the iconic Onewheel

Car Charger Onewheel+ XR

CHF 120.0
Go places, do things, stay charged. Introducing the Onewheel car charger, a game changer for long adventures. Just plug it

Charger Onewheel Pint

CHF 139.0
Running out of juice, are your batteries flat? Original Onewheel PINT charger. Time for a break and you can go

Fender Pint

CHF 90.0
The Fender for Onewheel Pint is inflexible and impact resistant. The Fender Pint is the essential element to enjoy your

Grip Tape Eraser

CHF 20.0
We all know the feeling. coming back from a long dirty ride and your grip tape is officially clapped. Well