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Phone support for scooter or bike

CHF 30.0 CHF 23.0
Phone support for scooter or bike

Mudguard with bracket + rear light – Xiaomi Pro 2 compatible with all models

CHF 45.0
Mudguard with rear light + support designed especially for Xiaomi Pro 2 electric scooter models but compatible with the rest

Rear mudguard for Xiaomi M365 Pro 2 (with rear led)

CHF 35.0
CHARACTERISTICS Rear wheel mudguard perfect to prevent mud from staining your clothes. To protect your scooter from dirt and can

Rain display protection for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 9.0
Rain display protection for Xiaomi M365 / Pro.

Rigid valve extension for inflation

CHF 19.9
Rigid valve extension for inflation

Doorbell for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 20.0
Original bell for your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter. Ride safely with your horn in working order.

Reinforced Front Lock Fixing Part for Xiaomi M365

CHF 22.0
Front locking reinforced fixing part for Xiaomi M365. (delivered with the pin).

Xiaomi M365 stem clearance part

CHF 5.0
Small piece of rubber that will allow you to partially remove the play that you have in your stem, on

Carrying strap for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 17.0
Take your Xiaomi M365 / Pro electric scooter easily with this carrying strap. Thanks to this carrying strap, the weight

Complete seat for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 89.0 CHF 79.0
Full seat for Xiaomi M365 / pro electric scooter Installation possible in our workshop!

Front suspension for Xiaomi M365 / PRO Monorime

CHF 119.0
Why Install a suspension kit on your Xiaomi M365 / Pro? Improve the quality of your Xiaomi M365 / Pro

Plastic phone holder for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 23.0
Don’t waste any more time on your Xiaomi M365 electric scooter rides with the smartphone holder. You will be able