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Kryptonite Keeper 585 Foolding Lock Anti-theft for bike

CHF 69.0
Hardened Steel Links for moderate security lock ups Includes  : Easy to install transport bracket Includes : 2 keys Anti-theft diameter : 3 mm Security level: 6 of 10 Product dimensions: 22 x 5 x 5 cm Product weight: 1.70 lbs or 0.77 kg

Kryptonite Kryptolok 610 Folding Bicycle Lock

CHF 99.0
The new Kryptonite folding lock series offers compact folding locks with high security. Due to the space-saving folding size, it

Phone support for scooter or bike

CHF 30.0 CHF 23.0
Phone support for scooter or bike

Footpads for OneWheel Pint

CHF 109.0
A new pair of footpads is needed, no problem, we’ve got you covered so you can ride as hard as

Funky fabric protective mask

CHF 12.0
Elastic waistband / hem Cotton Soft to the touch   Upper: 100% Cotton

Onewheel trucker hat

CHF 29.0
The official Onewheel Trucker Hat! To perfect your riding style, from head to toe. Have class on your Onewheel! Californian

OneWheel XR Carbon Fiber Fender

CHF 190.0
Pimp your Onewheel with the King of the Fenders! The XR Carbon Fiber Fender offers absolute protection to your wheel.

Pint Fender Delete

CHF 49.0
Do you like to ride without a fender when conditions are optimal and want your Onewheel Pint to look like

QUAD LOCK Motorcycle Fork Stem Mount

CHF 75.9
Quad Lock Fork Stem Bracket The Quad Lock® Fork Stem Bracket is a motorcycle mount. What’s included: 1x Quad Lock

RACER heated gloves batteries

CHF 49.9
Tissu extérieur: Softshell
Paume: Clarino
Isolation: Fiberfill
Waterproof: POLYMAX®

Rain display protection for Xiaomi M365 / Pro

CHF 9.0
Rain display protection for Xiaomi M365 / Pro.

Rigid valve extension for inflation

CHF 19.9
Rigid valve extension for inflation